Runic Design - Art, Illustration, Web Design, Graphic Design and Photography by Martin Eager

Martin Eager - Artist, Illustrator, Graphic Designer, Web Designer and Photographer

Martin Eager Oscar

Welcome to Runic Design. My name is Martin Eager and I'm an artist, illustrator, graphic designer, web designer and photographer based in Harrow, London, UK. With a M.Sc in Information Systems from Edinburgh University and over eighteen years experience working in the design industry. Combine this with a flair for unique, eye-catching designs and images, add into the mix a scrupulous attention to detail and I hope you'll agree that I'm well placed to help make your design or illustration project a success.

I specialise in hand-crafted designs and artwork that are tailor-made to requirements and polished to a high level of detail. I very much believe in cutting through the pretence and jargon that often surrounds the design process and take pride in a down-to-earth, no nonsense approach to my work.

I work in a very wide range of styles to suit the job at hand, as you'll see from examples here on this site. Anything from contemporary and modern web and graphic designs, through to fantasy illustration and art, with some landscape and nature photography in between. Like any artist and designer, I have my special interests and I especially enjoy projects that are in the fantasy, mythology, history, sci-fi and nature genres. But I can turn my hand to most things, I'm very flexible, So if you don't see a particular style represented here it certainly doesn't mean I can't create it. Ask me.

My pastimes include music, playing guitar, art and photography, computer gaming, cricket, walking, watching wildlife and movies. Music is my biggest love and I spend a lot of time either listening or playing. I especially like acoustic, americana, indie, country and good old rock and blues classics. Oh and I play guitar left-handed when I'm actually right handed, it's a long story!

I live with a wonderful and somewhat exciteable chocolate labrador called Oscar who thinks he's a sheep and loves to eat grass.

If you'd like more information, have a design enquiry, want to leave some comments on my work or just say hi, then please get in touch.