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Stock Photography & Image Licensing

If you are interested in licensing any of my photographic images found on this site for commercial or non-commerical use, please get in touch to discuss your requirements. High resolution versions of all my images are available, most are shot with Canon DSLR cameras using professional L-series lenses. For commerical use, a licensing fee applies and this will depend on the intended usage and whether a Royalty Free or Rights Managed license is required (see below). For non-commercial use a licensing fee can usually be waived in return for appropriate credits / links / publicity, as long as the image in question is not subject to Rights Management of course.

Royalty Free

  • A one-time fee to use the image mutliple times for multiple purposes.
  • No time limits on when the image can be used.
  • No exclusive rights - the photographer reserves the right to re-sell the photo and does not guarantee against usage conflicts.
  • Limits apply to how many times the buyer can reproduce the image (print run size etc).

Rights Managed

  • A fee for each time the image is used for a given purpose.
  • A time limit applies to how long the buyer has exclusive use of an image (typically one year).
  • Buyer has exclusive use of the image. The fee is based on level of exclusivity, distribution, length of time, geographic location etc.
  • More generous limits on reproduction of the image (print run size etc).

The fee for Royalty Free and Rights Managed image use varies depending on the intended usage and level of license required. Obviously Royalty Free is the lower cost option, since exclusivity is not ensured. However, if you need to make sure your chosen image is not used by anyone else for a similar purpose then Rights Managed is the way to go.

Sample Images

Photographic Assignments

If you cannot find the image you require on my site, it is likely I can shoot it for you. I am available for bespoke photographic assignments and projects and can bring a full compliment of professional skills and equipment to any required shoot. Depending on requirements, photo shoots may be conducted at specific locations, or photographs may be taken at my own studio or other locations as appropriate.

Final images will be supplied on CD / DVD, or by email, fully post processed (where necessary) and ready for use. My particular specialisms are creative concept photography, product photography, macros, nature and landscape photography, panoramic images, high resolution textures for digital artwork and 3D rendering, portraits, architectural photography and abstract creative themes. Please get in touch to discuss your requirements.


If you are interested in purchasing high quality prints on photographic paper, these can be supplied in a range of sizes. Please visit my Gallery to select an image and then use the "Buy Print" button to view size and pricing options.